Punta del Diablo is one of the most important and visited beach spots in Uruguay. The high season goes through December until March, being November and April a great time to visit its local rythm.

Punta del Diablo is attracted by its beaty all year round. We are going to recommend you a few activities and a tips

The beaches of Punta del Diablo are 4, and they all have lifeguard service during high season.

La viuda (the widow): It is an open and windy beach. It is the less recommended for the bath with children because of the bottom of the ocean. However, it is a great option for those unwindy days.

Pescadores (fishermen): It is the central beach, busy and noisy during summer. This is where you can buy the fresh fish of the day. For those who love photography, will find inspiration by the famous boats of Punta del Diablo. It is protected by the bay, so it is safe for bathing.

El Rivero: From where it comes the sun, where you can spot doplhins and turtles behind the breaking waves. It is familiar, with bars and surf schools along..

Playa Grande (the big beach): It belongs to the Santa Teresa National Park, entering with pets is not allowed. Ideal for a walk or run bceause of its long distance, it is one of the most beautiful beaches in Uruguay. You can go walking through Playa del Rivero.

Artisans Lane (Paseo de los artesanos): It is located on the beachfront of the fishermen, and you can´t leave witout tasting the delicious local empanadas! You can also contribute with the local community if you are keen on a souvenir to take home.

Gastronomy: As a fishing village, Punta del Diablo supplies fresh fish throghtout the year. We recommend Deja Vú Resto Bar, in the center of town and just across the police station. With its international atmoshphere and live music, it is a success for its delicious local plates and warm hospitality.

Santa Teresa National Park: It is accessed through the National route 9 at 10km from the center of town. The admission is free, pets are not allowed. We specially recommed La Moza, the name of the beach which inspired ours. You can also visit La Fortaleza, dating from the eigheenth century and very nice for pictures with the sunset light.

Black Lagoon (laguna negra): At just 20 minutes drive from Cuatro Mozas, the entrance is just across the main of Santa Teresa on Route 9. You can quickly change from the intensity of the ocean, to the tranquility of this dark water lagoon and watch the sunset on the west.

Horse Ride: You can get information and make a booking in the neigboring hostel. The rides take betwwen 3 to 5 hours, pausing in the woods of Santa Teresa and returning trotting along the beach. The experienced guide is Fabian, and is an intimate journey through the forest of el Rivero.

Surfing: It is one of the favorite destinations in Uruguay, for its variety of beaches and sandy bottoms. Many brazilians come around searching for waves.

Chuy: The boarder town with Brazil is at 40km by Route 9. Ideal for one of those cloudy days and have a look at the brazilian markets and free shops in the uruguayan side. The franquise purchase per person is $300 US dolars and you need to show identification to buy.

Cuatro Mozas

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